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Measure compressed air quality - Qualify - Validate - Audit

Not only the right pressure level and adequate Air volumes are for optimal operation of pneumatic systems essential, but also the parameters particle content, residual moisture and residual oil content.

Whether it is selective, application-related or within the scope of a service contract with regular analysis rhythm, the compressed air quality analysis answers the questions:


  • Which compressed air quality is in which part of the compressed air network?
  • Does this meet the requirements of different compressed air applications?
  • Which compressed air quality is actually for which application needed?
  • Can I safely attach a new machine to my existing one?
  • Connect network?


Quality Audit DQ IQ OQ PQ      Compressed air and gases ensure quality

With the measuring system from Andjana, our technicians determine the following parameters of your compressed air, oxygen and nitrogen supply, according to the guidelines of various standards, on site:

ISO 7396 ISO 8573 EN 12021 BS 2754

For the quality class test in compressed air standards such as e.g. ISO 8573 1-7, EAB 4.07 / 1238. If necessary for metrologically and physically feasible reasons, the basics of the GMP guidelines also apply.

A complete qualification and classification is created after the measurement.

e.g. Checking the purity values ​​according to the European Pharmacopoeia in the target / actual comparison.



  1. To determine the quality of the compressed air and to meet legal requirements
  2. To give indications of emerging problem areas
  3. To give an indication of the current efficiency of the dryers and filters
  4.  In order to incorporate the determined data in the QM system
  5.  To identify necessary changes and improvements


  1. The efficiency and cleaning performance of the dryers and filters will vary during the lifetime and depending on environmental conditions
  2. QM needs this information u. Documents (review by GMP inspector of the competent authority)
  3. Timely prevention helps avoid problems

How is that done?

  1. Only the very latest and best testing methods are used
  2.  Several locations can be tested per day
  3.  The tests can be carried out during the normal operating time
  4.  After completion, the results are summarized in a qualification protocol
  5.  The compressed air is classified according to ISO 8573

What is being tested?

  1. Water content ppm v / v
  2. Residual oil content mg ​​/ m³
  3. Carbon monoxide CO (ppm)
  4. Carbon dioxide CO2 (ppm)
  5. Nitrous gases NOX (ppm)
  6. Sulfur dioxide SO2 (ppm)
  7. Oxygen content O2 (%)
  8. Operating pressure
  9. Particle measurement with laser scanner (on request)
  10. Sterility test (determination of bacterial count / mold on request)

All tests can be done once or on the basis of regular quality measurements be performed. We offer this measurement at attractive fixed prices exclusive documentation, exclusive arrival.